The highest honor within the Young Investors Society is to be awarded a Certified Young Financial Analyst (CYFA) Designation.

The CYFA Designation represents a tremendous achievement.  Less than 10% of those students that enter YIS end up achieving the CYFA Designation. It is widely respected by Universities and future employers.  High school students that are able earn the CYFA have proven that they are the best-of-the-best.

What it means to earn the Certified Young Financial Analyst (CYFA) Designation:

  • That you’ve mastered the fundamentals of stock analysis.
  • That you’ve studied for an passed a rigorous examination, that covers advanced financial concepts.
  • That you maintain a stellar GPA.
  • That you’re uniquely prepared to major in business, finance or accounting.

Qualifications to become a research analyst (CYFA)

1. Pass the 60 question CYFA exam (50% pass rate).

  • Take in a testing center.
  • Suggested Study Time – 50 hours.
  • Multiple choice. 60 questions.
  • Topics: Equity investing, Fixed income investing, alternatives,        personal finance, business evaluation, economics, accounting, ethics.

2. Be selected to publish a stock report on YIS Official Blog.
3. Interview with a local financial professional. Pitch investment idea (stock report).
4. High School teacher (YIS Advisor) recommendation
5. Participate in a Community Service Project – 10 hrs.
6. Be a member of a local YIS club.
7. Minimum GPA of 3.0 or equivalent.