YIS donors want to help you build wealth for retirement by providing Dollar-A-Day matching grants.

A limited number of YIS Dollar-A-Day participants may be eligible to receive a grant that matches your contributions dollar for dollar on a quarterly basis up to the number of days in the quarter (e.g., 91 days in a quarter = max match of $91).

If you are lucky enough to be selected to receive a YIS matching grant, those funds would be deposited into your brokerage account at the end of each calendar quarter until you graduate high school, and upon full compliance with the terms and conditions of the program.


  • Start Learning. Successfully register on the MyYIS Portal and complete Module 1 and lesson 1 from Module 2 (these can be found in the MyYIS Portal).


  • Start Investing. Actively participate in the Dollar-A-Day Challenge (How to participate).


  • Students lucky enough to be selected for the Dollar-A-Day match will need to submit a brokerage statement for the appropriate match to be determined.  Further instructions on how to do this will be given to you if you’re selected.


  • Submit a brief essay (i.e., 1-2 pages) on how you plan to use the Seven Golden Rules of Investing in your daily life to contact@yis.org
  • Winners will be selected and notified by the end of the first quarter 2018.


  • The essay submission deadline is November 24, 2017.

You can do it! The journey of a thousand miles beings with the first step! Start investing in your future today and watch your savings grow.