18 February By: YIS | Category: Blog, News

We have an exciting competition open to all teenagers and YIS members we’re happy to announce.

Title: Is Snapchat (ticker: SNAP) a Good Investment?

Details: Young Investors Society is proud to partner with Stockpile for an investment report challenge. The winning essay will win a $100 Stockpile gift card. Stockpile wants to publish the winning report on Snapchat (ticker: SNAP) to all their Stockpile users on whether “Snapchat is a Good Investment”. Why? Because they value the perspective from a teenager. It’s the same thing Mark Cuban said during his amazing interview with YIS.

To be eligible to win the competition:
Write a 1-2 page report on Snapchat (SNAP)
Email the report to contact@younginvestorssociety.org
Due Date: February 20th.
To help you get started, see two examples of reports on Snapchat from Seekingalpha.com. One is a BUY report and one is a SELL report. Which do you agree with and what would you add?

The winning report will be announced and published on YIS website and Stockpile website.

Also, don’t forget that February 14th is the due date for the Dollar-A-Day Essay for this quarter ($90).

Wow, we’re giving money away all over the place!

James Fletcher, CFA
President and Founder
e: jfletcher@younginvestorssociety.org