“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago” – Warren Buffett

Mission Of YIS

The mission of the Young Investors Society is to prepare the next generation of outstanding investors. This will be accomplished by pursuing the following principles:

  • Vision:Young Investors Society seeks to inspire kids to think critically for themselves and to evaluate businesses and the world around them with insightful, long-term perspectives.
  • Real-life Experience:Youth get actual, hands-on experience evaluating companies, building financial models, and buying and selling stocks.
  • Leadership:Each local chapter of the Young Investor Society is run by the students, recommending and investing in stocks themselves, organizing business and financial professional visits, and mentoring new members.
  • Community: Young Investors Society members feel that they are a part of something greater than just themselves. They build connections to local businesses, universities and other young investors around the country, as well as the following generation that will take their place once they graduate. Service projects and giving back are important parts of the program each year. Young Investors Society makes special outreach to empower low-income and minority students.
  • Integrity: Society members are expected to uphold the highest levels of ethical standards in investing, and learn to determine if a target company demonstrates good or poor corporate governance practices.