We want every student to not only learn the concepts of investing, but also put those concepts into practice by participating in the Dollar-a-Day Challenge. This is an opportunity for students to start investing their own money. Students who participate in the Dollar-a-Day Challenge may be eligible for a Free Money Match from our donors.

The Motivation

The average American has only $148,000 saved by the time they reach 65. But you are not average. And there’s nothing stopping you from accumulating way more than that. Take the Dollar-a-Day Challenge today and secure yourself a life of serious wealth and prosperity.

Cut back on one can of soda per day, and you save $365 per year. Invest this at 12% (a bit above the 10% S&P market average for the past century) and by the time you turn 65, this is worth $1.4 million. That’s pretty dang impressive. We’ve partnered with a couple of firms to offer you an easy way to start saving and investing and the YIS lessons will give you the confidence to start investing in great companies.

But it Get’s Better… YIS has an amazing group of donors that would like to invest in you as well.  If you take the Dollar-a-Day Challenge you will be eligible for a Free Money Match. This means that your $1.4 million is turned into $2.8 million when you’re ready to retire. But let’s assume you keep this in the bank. Your $2.8 million continues to compound for another 10 years until you’re 75 and it reaches $9.2 million.

By the time you’re 90, you’ve got $55 million. That’s the magic of starting early and the power of compounding! And Better… Now it gets even more interesting. When you’re 75, you keep $2 million for yourself and take the remaining $7.2 million dollars and sponsor the next generation of “Dollar-a-Day” investors. You will be able to sponsor 4,911 students and by the time they turn 75, that number has accumulated to $42,069,879,739. (That’s billion).

That’s the magic of starting early and the power of compounding! Summary: One less can of soda per day, invested well, over two generations = $45 billion dollars. About the size of the economy of Boliva and Jaminca combined. Join Young Investors Society and participate in the Dollar-a-Day Challenge!