YIS Night Group-2

“You may think this is a joke, but this has changed my goals for my life.  It has really given me something to strive for.”

(Student in Los Angeles, California)

The bottom line is that there is still a tragic deficit of financial literacy being taught in schools today.

Fact: 85% of parents believe that financial education courses should be a requirement for high school graduation (LearnVest)

Fact: 2/3 of high-school students fail a basic financial literacy test (JumpStart)

Fact: As of 2015, 39 US states have recently adopted financial literacy standards as part of the Common Core (CEE).

Fact: Most schools don’t have organized investment curriculum or an investment club, and the ones that do tend to teach using short-term mock portfolios that emphasize tragically poor investment habits.

Since starting YIS, we’ve been told again and again by teachers and school boards about how needed Young Investors programs are:

“You don’t even know how much we’ve been looking for a program like this!” (Director of a School Board in Southern California)

And while the reception has been resounding from teachers, the most significant response is from the young investors themselves.  Here is some of the feedback from the students:

“Thanks to YIS, I was able to learn the “How to” of investing” (Student in Oak Park, California)

“Best.  Club.  Ever.” (Student in Massachusetts)