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*Estimated students includes students that use our curriculum in the classroom and students that have attended YIS events.

“YIS provides amazing opportunities to engage with long-term investment strategies and financial literacy. YIS has truly equipped me with the tools to be a long-term investor and encouraged me to grow as a leader along the way. It was undoubtedly one of the most influential and pivotal experiences in high school!”

(Student in Westlake, California)

The bottom line is that there is still a tragic deficit of financial literacy being taught in schools today.

Fact: 85% of parents believe that financial education courses should be a requirement for high school graduation (LearnVest)

Fact: 2/3 of high-school students fail a basic financial literacy test (JumpStart)

Fact: As of 2020, Only six states require a stand-alone personal finance course to be taken in high school: Alabama, Iowa, North Carolina, Tennessee, Utah and Virginia.  (Council for Economic Education)

Fact: In 2019, under-represented ethnic group representation in professional positions in finance services was only 28% in the United States. (U.S Government Accountability Office)

Fact: In 2019, women’s global representation on executive committees in major financial services firms was only 20% in the United States. (Catalyst)

Since starting YIS, we’ve been told again and again by teachers and school boards about how needed Young Investors programs are:

“You don’t even know how much we’ve been looking for a program like this!” (Director of a School Board in Southern California)

And while the reception has been resounding from teachers, the most significant response is from the young investors themselves.  Here is some of the feedback from the students:

“Thanks to YIS, I was able to learn the “How to” of investing” (Student in Oak Park, California)


“Best.  Club.  Ever.” (Student in Massachusetts)


“Life-changing experiences with YIS!” (Student in Westlake, California)


“I had been looking to spread my knowledge base in terms of financial literacy and YIS has been vital in providing me with the necessary resources to help me become financially literate. Additionally, YIS has reinforced my interest in Finance and has convinced me to pursue it as a career.” (Student in Katy, Texas)


“I truly believe learning financial literacy from a young age has a vital effect on your financial freedom later in life! YIS helped me to start preparing for my financial future and empowering other students to do the same. YIS is also a great way to begin exploring the world of finance as a career! Without my experience with YIS, I wouldn’t have had the skills necessary to take on future experiences which led me to a job in financial consulting. I’m beyond grateful for my experience with YIS!” (YIS Alumni 2020)


“YIS was a great learning experience and it acted as a launchpad for me to do all the things that I’m doing right now. The traditional pre-college schooling system is well known to have very little focus on financial literacy. I believe this is an important subject for all young individuals, not just those who are interested in having a career in Finance. Highly recommend it to all students! (YIS Alumni 2021)


“I’ve had a great time in YIS! I really appreciate how it helps students with building financial literacy and the schools at-risk initiative. My time in YIS helped me to transition to college as well.” (YIS Alumni 2021)


“My experience with YIS has been very positive as well. My involvement definitely helped build my interest in Finance.” (YIS Alumni 2021)