How to Run a Club Meeting


  • Each club will elect the following officers:
    • Director of Research (Teacher Advisor) – Supervises the Lessons, Directs the Research Meetings, Assigns the Idea of the Week Presentations and Meeting Assignments.
    • President – Assists the Director of Research in all duties.
    • Vice-President – Assists the President in all duties.
    • Treasurer – Manages club finances.
    • Secretary – Responsible for club communication, texts, emails, and registrations.


  • Young Investors Society clubs will meet WEEKLY on School Campus or Virtually Online.
  • Each club meeting is expected to be 45-min-60 min with that time may vary depending on the school and schedule of club members and teachers.


  • Computer access is preferred by not essential. Computer use is especially useful during the “Research Meetings” where students will be researching stocks and writing reports.
    • Lesson plans are found online at the YIS Website under COURSES. Each lesson has a PDF at the bottom of the page that may be printed off for students or can be viewed on a personal mobile device or computer.
  • We encourage giving pre-meeting assignments to help the students prepare for an upcoming session and to reinforce learning outside of the classroom.
    • Pre-meeting assignments may include a reading assignment, quizzes or watching a video that reinforces the concepts taught in the meeting and tie the concept to the stock pitch. It may also be preparing a presentation related to the upcoming lesson or about a current topic in the market.
  • Lesson Meetings suggested agenda:
    • Topical Presentation (5 minutes):
      • 1-2 students quickly present on an idea of the week topic from the Wall Street Journal or other financial publication currently affecting the market (e.g. Apple announces a change in the long-term strategy) and share thoughts on implications for the company or the market overall.
    • Review Pre-Meeting Assignments (5 minutes)
    • Lesson (20 minutes)
    • Activity (15 minutes)

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