The Written Report must:

  • Be no longer than ten (10) pages; although you may include an appendix of infinite length;
  • Include the following information on the first page:
    • First Name, Last Name (Partner Name if any)
    • School, State
    • Email Address
    • Company Name
    • Exchange or Ticker symbol
    • Sector or Industry
    • Recommendation (Buy/Sell/Hold)
    • Current price (as of __date)
    • Target price (% increase/decrease)
  • Contain only publicly available information;
  • Be the original work of the student;
  • Be prepared from the perspective of an independent research analyst;
  • Include (but is not limited to**) the following sections:
    • Business Description
    • Industry Overview and Competitive Positioning
    • Investment Summary
    • Valuation / Financial Analysis
    • Investment Risks
    • ESG Considerations (NEW for 2021!)
  • Be submitted by midnight (PST) on April 5, 2021

We strongly encourage you to use the stock pitch report template provided on the website for your report.

Submission Guidelines:

Stock Pitch Reports may be submitted to

In addition to the written report, each team should create a brief PowerPoint presentation to accompany their stock pitch.

(Please do not submit Google Slides as formatting is lost when converted to PowerPoint.)

This PowerPoint presentation must be submitted by midnight (PST) on April 5, 2021

  • The presentation should contain no more than 15 slides.

The presentation should hit on the main points of the stock pitch investment thesis.


  • 10 minutes – Each team will present for no more than ten minutes.
  • 5 minutes – Each team will answer questions from the panel of judges for five minutes.


Each Stock Pitch will be judged according to the following categories:

  • Investment Idea – _ / 50 points
    • Does the idea make logical sense and follow sound investment principles?
    • Does the report show insight into the company and the industry?
    • Did the team follow the Investment Report Guidelines?
    • Did the team show ESG considerations?
  • Presentation – _ / 25 points
    • Did the students present clearly?
    • Was the presentation engaging?
    • Was the presentation professional?
  • Questions and Answers – _ / 25 points
    • Were the questions answered coherently?
    • Did the team successfully defend their investment idea?