27 January CYIA Exam Open Jan. 1st-30th! By: YIS | Category: All, Blog, Event, News
The CYIA Exam is OPEN January 1st-30th!
The CYIA Exam is an open-book, 60-minute timed test based on The Essays of Warren Buffett & the YIS Stock Investing 101 e-book.
Some questions require a calculator to answer correctly.
Students must take the test in one session. They will not be allowed to start and stop the exam at any time.
Students can only take the exam ONE time during (January 1-January 30, 2022) The next exam opportunity will be April 1st-30th.
Students must get a 70% passing score to pass the exam.
When students are ready to take the Exam, click here: https://www.flexiquiz.com/SC/N/YISCYFAEXAM