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1. FBI Won’t Push for Criminal Charges Against Hillary Clinton Over Emails

The FBI won’t recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton, director James Comey said. He said, however, that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee was “extremely careless” in handling classified information while secretary of state and said scores of emails on her personal server contained highly classified information.

2. NASA Probe Enters Orbit of Jupiter

NASA scientists successfully guided an unmanned spacecraft into orbit around Jupiter, so it can begin a 20-month mission gathering data on the solar system’s largest planet. The Juno spacecraft was traveling at about 130,000 miles an hour as it approached the gaseous planet, which is the fastest any human-made craft has ever traveled. The $1.1 billion mission, launched on Aug. 5, 2011, would be the first to probe the inner core of Jupiter, whose volume is more than 1,300 times that of Earth. Scientists hope to learn more about the gas giant’s composition and origins.

3. Twinkies Maker Hostess to Go Public

Hostess Brands has reached an agreement to be taken public in a deal valuing the snack-cake company at about $2.3 billion, including debt, four years after it nearly went out of business. A special-purpose acquisition company will put up cash it raised through an August IPO for the maker of iconic treats such as Twinkies, Ho Hos and Ding Dongs. In recent years Hostess has streamlined production by paring the number of bakeries and upgrading them with larger ovens and robots that pack Twinkies into boxes.

4. Can You Pick a Winning Stock?

Can you guess which companies performed best over the past 10 years? In this stock game from The Wall Street Journal, we’ve disguised the names of real stocks and will teach you about common indicators you might use to help choose which stocks to buy.

5. It’s a Bad Time to Buy an iPhone

There are three things you should always to remember when iPhone shopping, according to Joanna Stern: The next iPhone will always be better than the current one; no matter the season, Apple will always try to sell you an iPhone; and the next iPhones usually come out in September, at which point prices on at least some current ones will drop. Add it all up and you get her patented iPhone No-Buy Rule™: Do not buy an iPhone once June rolls around. Wait for the new one.