06 July Online High School in Japan Enters Virtual Reality By: James Fletcher | Category:

Some students at a new online high school in Japan attended their opening ceremony Wednesday by donning virtual reality headsets.

The N High School, operated by publishing and media company Kadokawa Dwango Corp., said 73 of its 1,482 freshmen attended the virtual ceremony held in Tokyo. Their headsets were connected with the school campus more than 900 miles away in Okinawa, where the school’s headmaster spoke. The students were also treated to a 360 degree view of the campus inside the augmented reality.

“We wanted the students to experience the environment of Okinawa using the gears. We are aiming to nurture tech-savvy students, so it was also a chance for them to experience the headset firsthand,” said Misa Nishimoto, a spokeswoman at Dwango Co.

N High School is a fully accredited high school. Nearly all school activities will be held online, and students will only be required to visit the campus a few times.