15 December Dollar-A-Day Testimonials By: YIS | Category: All, Blog, Event, News
Check out what our Dollar-A-Day Challenge Winners plan on doing with their Dollar-A-Day scholarships.
“I plan to purchase a BABA stock with Dollar-A-Day Challenge money.” ~Amir T.
“I’ve been dollar-cost-averaging into an S&P 500 index fund, and I plan to pay for next month’s contribution with these winnings!” ~Shivam S.
“I plan to use my holiday break to do some research and get into the market” ~Jay P.
“Just wanted to shout out a big thanks for the Dollar-A-Day challenge! I’ve been diving into the Dollar-A-Day Challenge and geeking out on stock research. Got some cool plans for investments in the pipeline.” ~Simreen G.
“Thank you so much for this opportunity, I look forward to doing some more research on the stock market before I use these funds to invest.” ~Samantha C.