13 January YIS Finance Knowledge Bowl By: YIS | Category: All, Blog, Event, News
YIS Knowledge Bowl OPENS Next Week (Jan. 17th)!
Students will test their personal finance and investment knowledge in this virtual Finance Competition.
The first round of the competition will take place online during the week of January 17th-24th on Kahoot.
Students have one week to take the Finance Quiz or until Quiz is at capacity, whichever comes first.
(Students are encouraged to use first and last name when taking the Kahoot quiz).
Kahoot Quiz link can be found on our website once open on Jan. 17th.
Students will be invited to the Finals round of the Knowledge Bowl based on their first-round score, participation in YIS programs & events as well as availability to attend the finals.
The finals round will include specific questions on 3 selected companies (to be announced to finalists).
Students invited to the finals round will be notified of which companies to study.
The Final round will take place on Zoom on Wednesday, January 31st at 4:30 pm PST/ 7:30 pm EST.
The final event will be live-streamed on our YouTube Channel for all to watch!
Students who wish to participate can start to study the following:
YIS Personal Finance Videos: https://yis.org/videos/
Stock Investing 101 Handbook: https://yis.org/…/2016/10/Stock-Investing-101-eBook.pdf &
YIS Courses & Lessons.