07 November 10 Interesting Facts About Mark Mobius By: YIS | Category: All, Blog, News

We all know Mark Mobius as a key figure in developing international policy for emerging markets as well as being an emerging markets fund manager at Franklin Templeton Investments.

But here are 10 interesting facts about Mark Mobius that you might not know.
1: Mark Mobius was raised in Long Island, N.Y., by a German father and a Puerto Rican mother.
2: He has authored 19 books, the most popular is The Little Book of Emerging Markets.
3: He once singed his hair during a fire at his Hong Kong apartment.
4: He spends 200-plus days a year away from his home base in Singapore, researching investing opportunities first-hand.
5: He had to dodge bullets during a military coup while visiting the Philippines.
6: He oversees more than $40-billion in assets as head of the Templeton Emerging Markets funds.
7: He has earned a PhD in economics and political science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
8: He once had to run from armed carjackers while in Brazil.
9: He has a popular “Manga” comic book where he is the action hero of his own life.
10: He is known as “The Bald Eagle” in his recent comic book.